Health Benefits Of Poppy Seed Tea

Despite the risks associated with this tea, there are also many health benefits when it is consumed responsibly and in small amounts, including better heart health, lower stress levels, analgesic effects, treat diarrhoea and boost mood.

It is important to note that this tea does have narcotic properties, owing to the two types of alkaloids found in the seeds – phenanthrenes and benzylisoquinolines. The former is where morphine and codeine come from, and these chemicals will bind to the opioid receptors in the body, providing the majority of the benefits listed below. When consumed too frequently, or in too high of a concentration, poppy seed tea can be addictive, and even fatal, similar to a heroin or painkiller overdose.

For those who want to responsibly use poppy seed tea, it can effectively deliver a number of health benefits.


Mood Booster

The psychoactive compounds found in poppy seed tea can elevate your mood by relaxing your muscles and mind. As with many powerful painkillers, it can provide a sense of euphoria or pleasure, which can eliminate depressive episodes and provide a burst of positivity.

Pain Reliever

The primary function of poppy seed tea is a pain reliever, which is why morphine and codeine are both derived from this plant. If you are suffering following a surgery, injury, or extended illness, or regularly experience chronic pain, this opioid derivative can have a powerful analgesic effect.

Blood Pressure

Due to the relaxing nature of poppy seed tea, it has the ability to reduce tension in the arteries and veins, which helps to lower blood pressure and slow your heart rate. This can be beneficial for those suffering from hypertension or cardiovascular health issues.

Chronic Stress

High levels of stress hormones in the body can be detrimental to long-term health. The analgesic and sedative properties of poppy seed tea can help ease tension in the mind and lower those chronic stress hormone concentrations in the blood.

Anti-diarrheal Activity

The chemical compounds found in poppy seed tea can regulate your bowel movements if you are struggling with diarrhoea. In those with normal bowel movements, this tea can occasionally cause constipation, which is yet another reason why this tea should be consumed in careful moderation.


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