4 Best Sesame Oil Substitutes

Using a sesame oil substitute is necessary when you want a specific flavour in your dish, but don’t have any of this speciality oil on hand.

Sesame Oil Substitute

If you’re looking for a sesame oil substitute, look no further than the following:

  • Peanut oil
  • Sesame seeds
  • Olive oil
  • Regular peanuts

However, sesame oil comes in both toasted and untoasted forms. These replacements below are appropriate for untoasted sesame oil, as that is a much lighter oil that is easier to replicate.

Peanut Oil

This is another light oil that is popular in Asian cuisine, just as sesame seed oil is. The savoury flavour of peanut oil, without overwhelming the dish, makes it one of the best options as a sesame oil substitute. You can also replace sesame oil with peanut oil in equal amounts.

Sesame Seeds

Depending on the type of dish you are making, you can simply use sesame seeds, which impart a great deal of flavour when they’re included in sauces, stews, and curries, as well as meat and vegetable dishes. However, if you want to fry or cook something in sesame oil, these seeds obviously aren’t a viable option.


Similarly to sesame seeds, the flavour of peanut is so powerful that even adding some of these nuts to a dish can replace the flavour of sesame oil. In many cases, recipes simply want to drizzle sesame oil over the finished product for flavour; instead of that, toss in half a handful of peanuts and you’ll be surprised at how much the flavour cuts through.

Olive Oil

Perhaps the most accessible and effective replacement for sesame oil is olive oil – the lighter the better. Extra virgin olive oil provides a different flavour to your dishes, but it still works great as a sesame oil substitute.


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