What To Eat For Healthy Bones and Prevent Osteoporosis

Eating calcium and vitamin D-rich foods is one of the top ways to prevent osteoporosis. But which foods are best? In this slideshow, we show you the top foods to eat to boost bone health. Pick up these 4 superfoods the next time you stop by the supermarket.


It’s no surprise that the superstar of foods for osteoporosis is milk. Milk is brimming with bone-strengthening calcium—a crucial nutrient for building healthy bones. Go for low-fat or skim milk.

Other foods to eat to get more calciumyogurt and cheese. Aim to eat 3 servings of dairy daily.


You already know how good salmon is for you. But do you know exactly why it’s so good? Salmon packs a healthy dose of vitamin D, a mighty nutrient that helps the body absorb and process calcium.

Healthy Bones and Prevent Osteoporosis

Other foods full of vitamin D: egg yolks, mushrooms, and tuna. Eat a variety of foods with vitamin D every day.


Almonds support bone health in multiple ways. As with some other nuts and seeds, almonds are chock-full of calcium, magnesium, and protein—essential nutrients that help build strong, healthy bones. Eat a handful of nuts a day (that’s about 23 almonds).

If you’re not into eating almonds, try pistachios or sunflower seeds—they have similar benefits.

Fortified Breakfast Cereals

If you don’t like dairy foods, fish, or dark leafy greens (or if you’re lactose intolerant), eat fortified foods, such as fortified breakfast cereals. These cereals are enhanced—or fortified—with good-for-you vitamins and minerals, such as calcium and vitamin D. Eat at least one serving of fortified foods daily if you don’t get enough of these nutrients from other foods.

Other fortified foods to try: fortified whole grain bread and calcium-fortified orange juice.


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