Benefits Of Cumin Seeds For Skin

The benefits of cumin for health, as well as skin care, have been known since time immemorial. All the ancient scriptures have mentioned wonderful utility benefits of cumin which range from treating every possible disorder to physical well-being.

No wonder this wonder spice is considered as the king of the kitchen and is thus a part of almost all kitchen preparations. It is exceptionally beneficial when you consume it as a part of your diet, at the same time it is tremendously valuable if you use it externally.

How To Use Cumin For Skin Care

Cumin can be used in three forms- One is in the form of its seeds, other is the grounded or powdered form and another is in the form of cumin oil.

1. Cumin Consumption In the Form of Seeds

You should try to take cumin in your diet as much as possible. Unlike other spices, it is completely harmless if taken in more quantities. So when you prepare chapatti or make vegetable, be sure you add cumin seeds without fail.

  • Cumin has antibacterial properties and can cure your skin problems from acne to boils
  • It is also good as a cure for digestive problems. As we know a good digestion system ensures great skin
  • It is packed with vitamin A, which stops the early aging in your body and prevents wrinkles and loose skin

2. Consumption of Cumin in the grounded or powdered form

Grounded or powdered form of cumin is beneficial for eating as well it can add a dash of taste to food

Cumin Seeds For Skin

  • Cumin as a part of your diet not only makes the food tasty but also helps in various ways to upkeep your skin healthy. It contains dietary fibers which help in keeping the skin clear and toxin free.
  • The anti-fungal property of this spice protects your skin from any bacterial, fungal or microbial infections.

3. Cumin powder as a part of Face Mask:

You can add cumin powder for preparing face masks also. It is suitable for all skin types and essentially beneficial for dry skin

  • In order to prepare a mask, you can take a mixture of cumin and turmeric in the ratio of 1:3. Then add honey into the mixture and gently massage on your skin.
  • This face mask will make your skin smooth and glowing in a jiffy.
  • If you have tan or sunburns then you can use yogurt, instead of honey, in the above-prescribed mixture. You will be amazed to find your natural skin back.

4. Cumin Seed Oil as a Skin Toner:

Black cumin seed oil is beneficial both for internal as well as external purpose. You can prepare an excellent skin toner for your skin with black cumin seed oil.

To prepare the skin tonner mix cumin seed oil and apple cider vinegar in equal proportions. Let the mixture gel properly. Then apply on your skin. It is an excellent cure for boils, pimples, and acne.

Benefits of cumin seeds are not only for skin but for the entire body. So, don’t wait to make this tried and tested ingredient an important part of your beauty care.


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