Best Health Benefits And Uses Of Capsicum

The Capsicum is very rich in Vitamins A, C and k, and include Anti-inflammation. These help to increases the immunity and Prevent cell damage, Treats Psoriasis, Cancer, and Cardiovascular Health, Eating of Capsicum Boots the hair Growth, and it is a highly effective weight loss tool and reduce Eye sight Problem.

What is Capsicum?

Capsicum is a genus Pepper plant in the nightshade family Solanaceae. Its species are native to the Americas. It is a very Different and pungent edible fruit from any of the varieties within the Capsicum genus.With the known traditional use of capsicum, multi culturally, and for generations around the globe, Capsicum, also known as red pepper or chilli pepper, is a herb. The fruit of the capsicum plant is used to make medicine.

Health Benefits Of Capsicum

Adding of Capsicum in our Daily Diet will provide great health benefits many ailments, which was discussed.



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