Basil Seeds or Sabja Seeds For Skin & Hair

Benefits of basil seeds or Sabja seeds are known from ages. Basil seeds are being used for many generations. These seeds are produced from the holy Tulsi or Basil plant or Ocimum Basilicum. Basil plant has many medicinal properties and Tulsi is used as a part of many ayurvedic and Siddha medicines.

You people might have come across these yummy Basil seeds in some refreshing drink like Falooda. Basil seeds are also used in many other drinks like Sherbet e Rihan, Hot e, etc. But you might not be aware of their name and that Sabja seeds are produced from Basil plant.

Basil plant originally belongs to India. Tulsi or Basil plant is found in each and every home of India. People worship Tulsi plant as a Goddess. They use Tulsi plant regularly as part of many home remedies to cure various ailments. Basil seeds also have medicinal properties similar to the Basil leaves or Tulsi leaves.

Basil Seeds or Sabja Seeds For Skin & Hair

Benefits of Sabja seeds for skin:

Sabja seeds are very beneficial for our skin. They make our skin glowing. You need to mix a powder of 1 to 2 spoons of basil seeds along with 100 ml of coconut oil. Warm the oil slightly and apply it to the skin.

You can use it over your face or other parts of your body. It is a very good moisturizing agent. It makes your skin smooth and supple like a baby. This combination of Sabja seeds and coconut oil can also help you if you are suffering from diseases like psoriasis.

Benefits of Sabja seeds for Hair:

Basil seeds are very nutritive and they contain many essential nutrients like vitamin k, proteins, and iron. You all know that our hair is made up of proteins. We also need sufficient levels of iron in our body to maintain hemoglobin levels. This ensures proper blood supply to our hair. Adequate blood supply to the hair and protein in the Sabja seeds ensure healthy growth of the hair.

You will no longer suffer from hair loss, hair thinning, dry and rough hair if you take Sabja seeds regularly in your diet. Just add 1 or spoons of basil seeds to your milk daily. It’s just that easy. You don’t even need to do any special preparation to have basil seeds for hair growth.


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