Are Avocado Seeds Edible?

Avocados are a well-known part of a healthy diet but avocado seeds are less known for their benefits. Most people simply dispose of the large seed at the center of this fruit, but the seed itself is also packed with nutrients, active ingredients and organic compounds that some people rely on for their specific health benefits.

Are Avocado Seeds Edible?

There is still some debate about the effects of eating avocado seeds, but there is no clear indication that it is dangerous. They are slightly harder to eat than the fleshy meat of the fruit, but it is possible to eat them. First, you need to remove the fine layer of brown skin on the outside of the seed. At that point, you can grate the seed or crush it, depending on what you intend to use it for.

While there are some indications that avocado seeds are edible and generally healthy in moderate doses, there are still many tannins found in these seeds, which can cause constipation if used in excess.

Avocado seeds Benefits & uses

Due to the high levels of phytochemicals and dietary fiber found in avocado seeds, among other active ingredients, they can provide a number of health benefits. They help in strengthening the hair, protecting the heart, aiding weight loss, soothing the stomach and eliminating inflammation, among others. The amino acids found in avocado seeds can also help the body in various ways, such as increasing protein levels, while the antioxidants can prevent nervous system disorders, lower the risk of chronic disease, balance the hormones and even improve the appearance of the skin.


The most common uses for avocado seeds are as an oil, infusion, cream and a powder.

  • Oil:

After grating the seed into small flakes, mix it with castor oil or coconut oil before you apply it to your hair. This will help improve the strength, shine, and appearance of your locks, while also clearing up inflammation on the scalp.

  • Infusion:

You can boil the grated seeds in hot water for 10 minutes before consuming. Drinking the mixture can provide many of the benefits listed above.

  • Cream:

Mix the powder with a small amount of hot water to make a paste, then apply this to your skin or areas of inflammation, and it will stimulate healing, relieve pain, and loosen joints.

  • Powder:

This is an excellent exfoliant for your skin and can be rubbed gently into the cheeks and forehead to improve your complexion.


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