Amazing Health Benefits Of Cereals For Weight Lose, Diabetes

Cereals are nothing but greens with their fruit (or) bits which are edible. Botanically, cereals are members of monocot family Gramineae with a type of fruit called caryopsis. This grain stores within itself various elements essential for germination including carbohydrate, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. These stored nutrients are responsible for the nutritional value of grain and Amazing Health Benefits Of Cereals.

Best way to consume cereals

Consumption of Cereals believed to produce acidic state in tissues and blood, which leads to premature ageing.  Sprouted cereals, on the other hand, produce beneficial alkali state in the body. Hence for health benefits of cereals, people advice grew wheat, ragi malt, soaked brown rice.

Cereal carbohydrates are often complex and relatively hard to digest as compared to fruits or vegetables. Hence people recovering from illness or who are advised to be on a lighter diet should switch from cereals for some time.

Processing cereals remove some part of beneficial bran from the cereal.  Nutrient content of processed or refined cereal less than that of whole grain. Essential dietary fibers, vitamins, phytochemicals and minerals removed in processes like milling. Also, the glycemic index of the cereal increases during processing. 

In some research, it was found that people with whole grain in their diet have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease as compared to people with refined cereals. Research published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recommends including servings of whole grain in the diet.  Another research shows that antioxidant properties of wheat bran is 20 times as compared to wheat endosperm or refined flour.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Cereals

Health benefits of Cereals

Source of nutrients: Apart from providing essential nutrients in daily diet, there are several other health benefits of cereals. These health benefits of cereals can be attributed to the presence of various vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.  However, these health benefits of cereals are more profound in whole grains rather than refined cereals.

Source of phytonutrients: Whole grains are a good source of phytoestrogens which are also present in Soybeans. This plant compound helps lower cholesterol level in the body, increase blood vessel elasticity, aid various cellular metabolic activities.

Dietary fibers: Cereals are a rich source of dietary fibers. These fibers are essential for bowel movements. Cereal fibre is also much more effective in preventing a heart attack as compared to fruit fibers. Regularly eating cereals like oats provide body soluble fibers which reduce cholesterol in the body.

Diabetes: Glycemic index and diabetes closely linked. Whole cereal food will digest slowly, low glycemic index and high in soluble fiber help prevent non-insulin dependent diabetes.

Weight loss: Cereals, naturally low in fat and with high fibers are less energy dense. Hence consumption of cereals, mainly sprouted cereals help in weight loss. With a low glycemic index, they provide a feeling of fullness and discourage overeating.

Prevention of cancer: Research has been ongoing in the field of health benefits of cereals and prevention and treatment of cancers. Cereal fibers and germ have attributes for these health benefits. It contains high quantity of phytosterols which help prevent breast cancer. Many studies have shown that colon cancers can avoid by consuming whole wheat products or any fibre rich cereals. Researchers in Uruguay in a study suggested an association between dietary sterol intake and decreased risk for the development of gastrointestinal cancers.


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