Amazing Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds For Heart, Skin, Hair

Nutritious sunflower seeds are good for your heart and hair. They can also improve sleep, best for the skin. And they lower the risk of Parkinson’s disease, help with weight management, and reduce the risk of birth defects. Sunflower oil can moisturize skin and treat fungal nail infections when it’s ozonized.

1. Keep Your Heart Healthy

Did you know that heart disease is the main cause of death across the world for men and women? Sunflower seeds have nutrients that can help keep your heart healthy – after all, they are a source of good fats and beneficial phytosterols. While trans fats and saturated fat can be bad for your heart, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats can do you good. They can help lower cholesterol and control blood sugar. Phytosterols have also been known to lower cholesterol. Together, these healthy fats and phytosterols in sunflower seeds can improve heart health. So, go ahead and snack on sunflower seeds to keep your heart healthy!

2. Benefit Your Hair

100 gms of sunflower seeds have 66 mcg of biotin, a B vitamin that’s needed to metabolize fats, carbohydrates, and protein. There is some evidence that biotin can help improve the condition of your hair, which is made of protein. In fact, animal studies have even found that supplementing the diet of dogs with sunflower seeds improved the condition of their hair coat.

So include delicious sunflower seeds in your diet and your hair will thank you for it! 30 mcg of biotin per day is considered to be sufficient for adults.

3. Moisturize Skin

The seed oil can do you good too. Did you know that sunflower seed oil can keep your skin from drying out? Sunflower oil improves hydration by forming a protective barrier on your skin, preventing moisture from escaping. One study that compared the topical application of sunflower oil and olive oil found that over a period of four weeks, olive oil reduced the integrity of the outermost layer of skin and resulted in mild reddening of the skin while sunflower oil preserved the integrity of the skin and improved hydration. So if you’re looking for an effective natural moisturizer, look no further than your kitchen shelf. 


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