5 Amazing Health Benefits of Eggplant You May Have Not Heard Before

EggPlant is most commonly known as Aubergine in England and Bribal in India. This eggplant is glossy and teardrop shaped vegetable which belongs to the nightshade botanical family. This eggplant is found across the globe but it is referred as  eggplant in most of the place in United States. The plant is native to a number of countries stretching from Indian to Burma and extending to China. 

Everyone knows that Eggplant is a Vegetable, but in fact it is a fruit that is cooked as  vegetable or a saoury dish. Thus biologically, it can be termed as a fruti and in terms of cooking it is used a vegetable. With a slightly bitter and acidic taste which may not be preferred by many, it is essential to consider the impressive health benefit that eggplant offers. 

It is packed with vitamins like vitamin C, K and B6 and an ample amount of potassium, manganese and fiber. Even the leaves and roots of the plant are widely used for treating various infections and to heal wounds. Bangalore-based Nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood suggests several benefits that come along with eggplants that no one told you yet. 


1. Heart friendly:


A pigment known as anthocyanins helps strengthen the functioning of the heart is present in the eggplant. It also give a great help in bringing down the bad cholesterol and acts as a powerful antioxidant. 

2. Acts as a natural laxative:

Eggplants improves the functioning of digestive system by acting as a natural laxative and it also has a rice fiber content in it. It provides fiber, in addition to water and antioxidants which can prevent the risk of inflammation in the digestive system and also helps in relieving constipation.  

3. Weight loss:

Saponin in the eggplant prevents fat accumulation and absorption in the body and thus, aids the process of losing weight. While its nutrient content is extremely high, eggplant low on carbohydrates and calories and can easily fit into your weight loss diet. 

4. Rich in antioxidants: 

Anthocyanins that impart the deep purple colour to eggplants help in fighting free radicals in the body preventing the growth of cancer cells as well as other disease causing bacteria.

5. Helps prevent anemia: 

A rich source of iron, eggplants increase the production of red blood cells in the body and thus help fight anemia or iron deficiency which is common in females. 


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